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Accelerating Scientific and Technological Innovation of Agricultural Machinery and Promoting Scientific Development of Agricultural Mechanization


On September 28, the Agricultural Mechanization Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture held a summit forum on agricultural machinery science and technology innovation and agricultural mechanization development in Beijing. It summarized and exchanged the successful experience of agricultural machinery science and technology innovation and agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery industry development since the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

According to Zong Jinyao, Director of Agricultural Mechanization Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, since the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the investment of subsidized funds for agricultural machinery purchase by the central government has increased substantially year after year, which has greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of farmers to purchase machinery and enterprises to produce. In 2011, the total power of agricultural machinery reached 977 million kilowatt, and 4.4 million large and medium-sized tractors. The level of agricultural machinery operation was unprecedented. In 2011, the level of comprehensive mechanization of crop cultivation in China reached 54.8%, which was 22.5 percentage points higher than that in 2002, and the increase was equivalent to the total development of agricultural machinery industry in the previous 35 years. With an unprecedented speed of development, the gross output value of Enterprises above the scale of straightening machines has increased by 20% annually, and China has become a major agricultural machinery manufacturing country in the world. In 2010, the comprehensive mechanization level of crop cultivation and harvesting in China exceeded 50% for the first time, indicating that the agricultural production mode in China has achieved a historic leap from human and animal power to mechanized operation. The leap-forward development of agricultural mechanization has effectively alleviated the outstanding contradiction of labor shortage among young and middle-aged people, effectively guaranteed the stable development of agriculture, tapped the potential of increasing grain production, led the improvement of farming system, promoted the integration of agricultural technology, cost-saving and scale management, accelerated the process of agricultural modernization, and realized the "eight consecutive increases" in grain production and the "eight consecutive increases" in farmers'income. Quick has made an important contribution.

Zong Jinyao pointed out that China's agricultural production mode has entered a new era dominated by mechanization. Agricultural mechanization has entered a new era of accelerating development, improving structure, improving quality and broadening fields. Agricultural machinery science and technology innovation has entered a new stage of integration of agricultural mechanization technology, biotechnology and information technology. Accelerating agricultural machinery science and technology innovation is to improve China's agricultural machinery country. The inevitable choice of international competitiveness is also the fundamental guarantee to promote the modernization of agriculture with Chinese characteristics. It is also an important support for ensuring food security, building modern agriculture with I-wheel harvesters and prospering rural economy. The national agricultural mechanization system must rely on scientific and technological progress, change its development mode, accelerate scientific and technological innovation of agricultural machinery, and promote the development of Agricultural Mechanization in a broader field and at a higher level. 。

At the forum, Ye Xingqing, inspector of the Rural Department of the Research Department of the State Council, elaborated on the view that China's agricultural modernization has entered the mid-term stage, and deeply analyzed the historical opportunities faced by agricultural mechanization. Academician Wang Maohua of China Agricultural University explained the development trend and existing problems of agricultural mechanization around the current theme of "transformation, innovation and development" in China, and expounded the scientific and technological innovation. It has played a great role in promoting agricultural development; Academician Luo Xiwen of South China Agricultural University has described comprehensively the exploration and innovation of agricultural machinery and agronomic integration in various fields from the aspects of crop varieties, production technology system and agricultural machinery development; Professor Bai Pu of China Agricultural University has put forward the goal, main direction and key areas of scientific and technological innovation in the field of agricultural mechanization at present; Li Shujun, president of the Academy of Industrial Mechanization, summed up the achievements of agricultural mechanization development, analyzed the gap between foreign countries, and condensed the ideas and outlets for the development of agricultural machinery institutes. Liu Xian, head of the Agricultural Mechanization Technology Development and Promotion Station of the Ministry of Agriculture, deepened the thinking of "agricultural Mechanization Science and technology innovation and extension action" from the aspects of laws, policies, technology and methods. President Li Jun introduced the important role of agricultural machinery in agricultural science and technology, taking the rapid development of agricultural mechanization as an example, combining the current agricultural production technology reality of China and the world. From the enterprise point of view, Wang Guimin, chairman of Futian Revo Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., analyzed the current situation of China's agricultural machinery industry and the challenges faced by China's agricultural machinery industry in the future, and put forward some suggestions on science and technology. Suggestions on support of technological innovation.

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