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Development Strategy of Industrial Robot Industrialization in China


As the most typical electromechanical digital equipment, industrial robots have high added value and wide application range. As the support technology of advanced manufacturing industry and the emerging industry of information society, industrial robots will play an increasingly important role in future production and social development. With the continuous improvement of enterprise automation level, the market of robotic automation production line will certainly become larger and larger, and will gradually become the main form of automation production line.

Since the first industrial robot was built in the early 1960s, robots have shown great vitality. The Japanese government has implemented a positive policy to support the industrial robotics industry and application. It took the first time to introduce robotics technology from the United States. It took only more than ten years to realize the industrialization and popularization of industrial robots in Japan. Nowadays, industrial robots have been widely used in automotive and automotive parts manufacturing, mechanical processing, electronic and electrical industries, rubber and plastics industries, food industry, logistics and many other fields in developed countries. As an irreplaceable important equipment and means in advanced manufacturing industry, industrial robots have become an important symbol to measure a country's manufacturing level and scientific and technological level.

Overseas, the technology of industrial robots is becoming more and more mature, and steel straightening machine has become a standard equipment widely used in industry. As a result, a number of influential and well-known industrial robotics companies have been formed, including ABB in Sweden, FANUC, YASKAWA, MOTOMAN in Japan, KUKA in Germany, Adept Technology in the United States and COMAU in Italy. These companies have become the pillar enterprises in their countries.

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