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Operation flow of NC panel steel bar straightening and cutting machine


Operation flow of steel bar straightening and cutting machine

1. Boot-up interface

2. System Setup Interface

The boot interface stays for 3 seconds, then press "(2 seconds) for a long time to enter the system settings interface 1, which can be set:

1) NC mode: encoder, constant start stroke switch, constant close stroke switch, switch according to any number key;

2) Encoder direction: the default is "forward" and can be modified to "reverse" to switch according to any number keys;

3) The first correction: the first steel bar has errors when shearing is started, which can be corrected by this correction value.

Press the "Setup" key to set "NC mode, encoder direction, type of emergency stop switch"

Set the first correction by pressing the "Length Correction" button

Settings are selected by the'(forward) and'(backward) buttons. Select the state directly by the number, all settings are completed, press the "" key to save the settings.

3. After the startup interface stays for 2 seconds, it automatically enters the main interface.

The main interface chooses batches by pressing the direction keys of "", "(i.e., after the keys, the batches selected are added 1, subtracted 1), pagination by pressing"(i.e., after the keys, batches are added 4), long pressing "(3 seconds), setting the length of all batches, setting the number of roots and the current number of roots to zero.

4. Enter the settings interface

1) In the batch list interface, enter the settings interface

2) Batch Detailed Data Interface Entering Setting Interface

Press "" to enter the setting interface, and press the direction key to switch between "setting length" and "setting root".

Press "" to enter the settings interface, and press the direction key to switch in the three items of "entering knife", "returning knife" and "delaying".

Press "" to enter the settings interface, and press the direction key to switch between the two items of the correction length "-" and "+";

When an item is selected, you can enter the number directly. If the input is wrong, press the "" key, clear the input and re-enter the number. After the input is completed, press the "key" to complete the settings and enter the "Batch Detailed Data Interface", that is, the following figure:

Or press the "" button to cancel the current modification and return to the interface at the time of entry.

In the Batch Detailed Data Interface, you can press the directional key to switch to other batches, and long press the key to clear the current batch setting length, set the number of roots, the current number of roots.

5. Batch execution

In the "Batch List Interface" and "Batch Detailed Data Interface", batch execution can be carried out. Press ", to execute the currently selected batch, as shown in the figure:

Single batch execution, single arrow blinking, press "" key, stop execution. In the batch list "" is the batch that has been executed.

Multi-batch execution, press the "" key, execution is set between the current batch and the 30th batch, and no batch is executed, as shown in the figure:

Multiple batches of execution, double arrows flicker, press the "" key, stop execution.

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