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Maintenance of die for wire drawing machine should not be neglected


Usually, drawing formwork is always used for a long time when drawing machine works. Because the die wall is always strongly washed and rubbed by different wires, it usually causes some wear and tear, and usually forms a small dent at the material entrance. If the ring groove of the drawing die appears, the wear of the template will be accelerated. If it is not repaired in time, the wear will continue to increase, and the difficulty will be greatly increased when it is repaired. If it is serious, the deep part of the ring groove will be cracked and the die will be completely broken and scrapped.

To avoid the above situation, operators must customize a set of routine maintenance standards for wire drawing machine equipment according to their daily work experience. In the process of operation, once the template has slight wear and tear, polishing should be carried out in time, so that the template can be restored to the original polishing state in a short time, and its pass size will not change much.

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