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Company Direct Drawing Machine


In this direct wire drawing machine, 8 drums adopt ALPHA-6000S series frequency converter 30 kW, and the winding adopts ALPHA-6000S series frequency converter 18.5 kW. The motor uses 6-pole frequency conversion motor and 1024 line encoder. The 8 mm copper material is drawn to 3 mm by 9 dies and then rewound for reserve. The working speed of the drawing machine is adjustable from 0 to 670m/min, and the maximum output can reach 2.5T.

The operation table is simple and clear. The whole operation panel has only three buttons and a speed regulating potentiometer to start, stop and stop. The distribution line of the control unit is also simple and convenient. Touch screen, PLC and 9 inverters are all connected by means of communication, using internal logic to interlock die piercing and wire drawing; changing the parameters of frequency conversion moment by adding touch screen; real-time displaying the parameters of wire drawing length and weight of wire drawing machine manufacturer; adding S7-200 PLC to start and stop control, brake control, speed measurement, length measurement and weight calculation; no need to install tension sensor and swing arm square. Type, mechanical design and manufacture is simple and convenient.

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